Teaching term is in full flow in Galway. The flowers are out, the river is calm and glassy and the University has just cancelled Rag week after 40 or so students were arrested for various activities around the town.

The Corrib near Menlo

The river at Menlo, a mile upstream from campus

We have a draft programme for the ‘Irish model for peace’ conference we are running in Dublin in May (pasted in below), a busier and bigger programme than we expected. There should be plenty of opportunities for contention and debate.

Over the past few months I have been involved in arranging for the deposit of a significant historical collection in the University archive and busily applying for a variety of funds and awards. It looks like I’ll be able to get back soon to serious work on a book I’m writing on Bloody Sunday

Interdisciplinary debate, International lessons
A conference of the PSAI Specialist Group in Peace and Conflict
22nd & 23rd May 2009, Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin
Friday 22nd May
Opening Session (10.30am)
Welcome and Introduction by Organisers
Katy Hayward (QUB), Niall O’Dochartaigh (NUIG), Gillian Wylie (TCD)

What is ‘Ethnic’ in ‘Ethnic Conflict’?
Sinisa Malesevic (NUI Galway)

[short break]

Session Two: Ending Political Violence (11.15am)
Operation Banner and the Utility of British Counter-insurgency Strategy in Small Wars
Aaron Edwards (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)

The Missing Dimension in the Northern Ireland Peace Process: IRA Containment and British counter-insurgency/terrorism strategies
Thomas Hennessey (Canterbury Christ Church University)

[short break]

Disengagement from Political Violence: A Comparative Historical Sociology Analysis of Italy & N. Ireland
Lorenzo Bosi and Donatella Della Porta (European University Institute)

Conditions for Peace: exploring the debate on Northern Ireland’s lessons for the inclusion of ‘extremes’ in peace processes
David Mitchell (University of Ulster)


Session Three: Post-Conflict Democracy (2pm)
Democracy after Civil War: The divided power approach
Bill Kissane (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Learning from the Past or Laundering History? Consociational narratives and state intervention in Northern Ireland
Cillian McGrattan (University of Ulster)

[short break/debate]

Consociational Governance and the Democratisation of Fear
Chris Sparks (Sligo Institute of Technology)

Ethnonationalist Conflicts, Consociationalist Prescriptions and the Travails of Politics in Northern Ireland
Robin Wilson (Queen’s University Belfast)

[coffee break]

Session Four: Reconciliation and Civil Society (4pm)
The Role of Civil Society in Promoting Peace in Northern Ireland
Timothy White (Xavier University)

Religion and the Challenges of Reconciliation in Northern Ireland and Beyond
Gladys Ganiel and Therese Cullen (Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin)

[short break/debate]

Reconciliation, Inclusion, Deconstruction and Mourning
Michelle Moloney (Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin)

Towards a Northern-Irish Model for Peace? The political possibilities of ‘ordinary ethics’.
Anthony McCann (University of Ulster)

[Close 6pm]
Saturday 23rd May
Session Five: So, What is the Irish Model? (9.30am)
Conflict Resolution Theory and the Northern Ireland Case: An ill-matched pair?
Eamonn O’Kane (University of Wolverhampton)

The Settlement of Asymmetric Conflicts through Symmetric Interests in Peace
Jim McAuley and Catherine McGlynn (University of Huddersfield), and Jon Tonge (University of Liverpool)

[short break/debate]

Transforming Conflict through Social and Economic Development: Assessing the International Fund for Ireland Model
Sandra Buchanan (University of Ulster)

[coffee break]

Session Six: Applying the Irish Model (11.30am)
An Irish Model? Applying theory and practice to divided territories in the Middle East
Michael Kerr and Rory Miller (King’s College London)

The Meaning of Self-Determination in Ethno-National Conflict and Peace Building: A comparison of Ireland and Kashmir
John Doyle (Dublin City University)

[short break/debate]

Exporting Peace? The evolving role of UNTSI (the United Nations Training School Ireland) in peace support internationally
Conor Galvin (University College Dublin)

Exporting Northern Ireland’s Brand of Mandelaism: Leadership leverage, the Northern Ireland peace process, and the international context
Cathy Gormley Heenan (University of Ulster)

[Lunch and Open Discussion, conclude at 2pm]


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Senior Lecturer in the School of Political Science and Sociology at the National University of Ireland Galway
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  1. James Davis says:

    Hi Niall, Im doing some research for a doc in the US about links between Irish and US civil rights movements. Do you know where i might find Brian Heron?



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