Peter Taylor on Documentaries and Building Trust

_45422764_bbc512peterPlenary Session with Documentary Filmmaker, Writer and Investigative Reporter, Peter Taylor, joined by Shauna Duddy and Larry Duddy

Colm Ó hEocha Theatre (AM 250) NUI Galway: 3.45pm-5.30pm Friday 7 June

Peter Taylor is one of the most experienced and respected BBC reporters and the maker of many acclaimed documentaries on the Troubles in Northern Ireland, on contemporary counter-insurgency and on the intelligence agencies. He is the author of nine books including three related books on the Troubles called “Provos: The IRA and Sinn Féin”, “Loyalists”, and “Brits: The War against the IRA”, which formed the basis for his television trilogy of the same name. He made groundbreaking programmes about Bloody Sunday, “Remember Bloody Sunday” and the Maze prison, “Enemies Within” as well as “The Secret Peacemaker”, a documentary about Brendan Duddy, the key intermediary between MI6 and MI5 and the IRA. Brendan’s papers were donated to NUI Galway in 2009.

This session, in which he will show extracts from his programmes, “Remember Bloody Sunday” and “The Maze. Enemies Within”, focuses on the relationship between the documentary maker and those who agree to speak before the camera. Peter will explore the issues surrounding that relationship and the importance of building trust.
He is joined in this discussion by Shauna Duddy and Larry Duddy who took part in Peter’s acclaimed 2008 documentary “The Secret Peacemaker” which dealt with their father Brendan’s secret role as the key intermediary between the British government and the IRA over a span of more than twenty years.


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