Power and Landscape in Geneva and Galway

DSCN0622 DSCN0998The heroes of the Reformation Wall in Geneva call to mind now the aesthetics of Star Wars as much as the Wars of Religion. Stretching towards the sky while looming over the earth in wise or fearsome domination – it’s one of the simplest and most accessible representations of power. No surprise that it should be transmitted from the Euphrates Valley via medieval Europe to the sets of Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica.

It’s a representation and invocation of power that seems to be echoed in this planting on the ridge in the woods at Dangan in Galway, formerly the estate of the Martin family who treated the local parliamentary seat as a family possession in the 19th century. Reaching upwards, claiming and invoking an authority that is all the more powerful for being just out of sight.


About niallodoc

Senior Lecturer in the School of Political Science and Sociology at the National University of Ireland Galway
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